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COVID-19 Utility Bill Assistance Options

On March 16, City of Lubbock Utilities announced they were suspending electric and water disconnections for non-payment in response to COVID-19. The decision made was for the health and safety of the community and to assist customers who experience financial hardship due to COVID-19. City of Lubbock Utilities strongly encouraged customers to stay current on their bills or to work with customer service to setup payment arrangements as needed while we worked through this unique period in time.

On March 26, the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) issued a moratorium on electric and water disconnections for reasons similar to ones put forth by City of Lubbock Utilities. On June 12, the PUCT removed their moratorium and instructed that utilities may resume normal business operations. On June 15, City of Lubbock Utilities announced it would resume normal business operations on July 1, which includes disconnections of service for customers who would otherwise be subject to disconnection.

In order to assist customers who may have fallen behind over the past few months, City of Lubbock Utilities is offering several areas of assistance that should be utilized by customers in need. As we transition back to normal operations, it is important that customers have options when it comes to getting their account current.

Pay in 6 Plan

As City of Lubbock Utilities returns to normal business operations, starting July 1, any unpaid utility account balances will be subject to late fees or disconnection unless customers set up a payment plan before their July statement due date.

Rather than owe the full balance at once, customers can extend their due date through the normal payment arrangement program or sign up for the new one-time Pay in 6 Plan to make payments more manageable by spreading them out over time.

How it Works

The Pay in 6 Plan is a six-month program. We will take the customer’s full balance as of their July statement, including any amounts past due, and divide it into six equal payment installments to be paid over the next six months.

Those installment amounts will be included the customer’s regular monthly City of Lubbock Utilities statements as part of their total balance. However, customers enrolled in the Pay in 6 Plan will only need to pay the current month’s amount and the installment amount going forward as they work to get caught up.

How to Set Up the Pay in 6 Plan

  1. Before your July due date, email the account holder’s name, address and account number to CustomerFirst@madetobehome.comor call 806-775-2509.
  2. Ask to set up a Pay in 6 Plan for your account.
  3. Confirm you agree to the equal monthly payment installment amounts and all payment terms including installment due dates.
  4. Complete all Pay in 6 payment installments on time.

Customers will continue to receive monthly statements reflecting current charges for all enrolled utilities. Pay in 6 payment installments are due in addition to the customer’s regular monthly statement charges.

Payment Extensions
Coronavirus Utility Relief Fund
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