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COVID-19 Utility Bill Assistance Options

On March 16, City of Lubbock Utilities announced they were suspending electric and water disconnections for non-payment in response to COVID-19. The decision made was for the health and safety of the community and to assist customers who experience financial hardship due to COVID-19. City of Lubbock Utilities strongly encouraged customers to stay current on their bills or to work with customer service to setup payment arrangements as needed while we worked through this unique period in time.

On March 26, the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) issued a moratorium on electric and water disconnections for reasons similar to ones put forth by City of Lubbock Utilities. On June 12, the PUCT removed their moratorium and instructed that utilities may resume normal business operations. On June 15, City of Lubbock Utilities announced it would resume normal business operations on July 1, which includes disconnections of service for customers who would otherwise be subject to disconnection.

In order to assist customers who may have fallen behind over the past few months, City of Lubbock Utilities is offering several areas of assistance that should be utilized by customers in need. As we transition back to normal operations, it is important that customers have options when it comes to getting their account current.

Payment Extensions

If you do not need a full six months to pay your balance in full, you can instead extend your current due date through the traditional payment arrangement process. With a payment arrangement, we will make a one-time adjustment to the due date to give you a little more time. This will only affect the current statement due date.

To enroll, call 806-775-2509 and follow the prompts, or log in to your City of Lubbock Utilities account and select 'Payment Arrangement' from the main dropdown menu. 

Click here for step-by-step instructions for the automated phone system. You will need your 14-digit account number.

Payment Assistance